Alliant Techsystems Inc : LEOStar-2 Fact Sheet, LEOStar-3 Fact Sheet, GEOStar-1 , GEOStar-2 , GEOStar-3 , GEOStar Hosted Payloads

Finmeccanica : ATHENA FIDUS

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited : Indian national satellite (applications civiles)

Kongsberg Defence Systems : Kongsberg Norspace

Lockheed Martin Corporation : Advanced Extremely High Frequency

Northrop Grumman : Advanced Extremely High Frequency

Qinetiq : récepteur radio MELACOM (Mars Express)

Selex Communications : horloge atomique PHM (passive hydrogen maser)

Singapore Technology Engineering : satellites de communication (SATCOM) et terminaux associés (very small aperture terminal)

Telespazio : Satellite de communication SICRAL (programme SYRACUSE), Programme ATHENA-FIDUS (Access on THeatres and European Nations for Allied forces - French Italian Dual Use Satellite), Programme SICRAL (Sistema Italiano per Comunicazioni Riservate ed Allarmi, Italian System for Secure Communications and Alerts)


Thales Alenia Space : SYRACUSE








Date de mise à jour : juin 2015